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The Explosion

"The Explosion" are a 70s inspired punk band from Boston. They were formed in 1998.


*"Million Dollar" Matt Hock: Vocals

*David Walsh: Guitar

*Damian Genuardi: Bass

*Andrew Black: Drums (2000-Present)

*Chris Gonzalez: Guitar (2005-Present)


*Sam Cave: Guitar (1999-2004)

*Dan Colby: Drums (1998-2000)

High school friends Hock and Genuardi met Walsh through Rama Mayo, owner of indie label Big Wheel Recreation. They started the band in the fall of 1998, with Cave and Colby eventually joining later.

They pressed 250 copies of a demo before going on tour with Kid Dynamite. A roadie gave the demo to indie rock label Jade Tree Records, who signed the band and put out a self-titled EP containing all the demo tracks in 2000.

Their debut full-length, ''Flash Flash Flash'' on Jade Tree, was released to glowing reviews. Spin Magazine named it as one of the best 20 albums of 2000, and later named the band one of the top 10 punk acts of 2001. The Explosion also came in 2nd for Best Local Punk Act in the Boston Phoenix. They began touring the USA and Europe with the likes of Sick of it All, AFI (A Fire Inside), the Nerve Agents, Avail, Leatherface, US...

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