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The Firm

"The Firm" may refer to:

* ''The Firm'' (book), a 1991 novel by John Grisham

* ''The Firm'' (film), a 1993 movie based on the book

* ''The Firm'' (1988 film), a British TV movie starring Gary Oldman

* The Firm (rock band), a British rock group formed in 1984 by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers

* The Firm (group), a hip-hop music supergroup who released one album in 1997

* The Firm (EastEnders), a fictional organization in the British TV series, ''EastEnders''

* The Firm (pop band), a British pop music group who recorded the hit ''Arthur Daley E's Alright'' in 1982 and the UK number one novelty hit Star Trekkin' in 1987

* A London criminal gang run by the Krays

* Allegedly, how the British Royal Family refers to itself

* A management company, located in California that represents many musicians, artists, and actors such as Kelly Clarkson, Alkaline Trio, Vin Diesel, Samuel L Jackson, among oth

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