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The Killjoys

"The Killjoys" was a band formed in Melbourne, Australia, in the late 1980s. The core of the band was Anna Burley (Vocals) and Craig Pilkington (Guitar and Vocals). 'The Killjoys' attracted a wide following in the vibrant Melbourne pub scene at the time.

Their music incorporated string sections and vibraphone. They were formed out of the demise of 'Wild Science'. Wild Science essentially split into two different outfits...'The Killjoys' and 'Violet Town'. Violet Town members were Wayne (Buz) Hissock on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Pitts on Keyboards & Vocals, keyboards, Peter Van on Drums, and Luke Blackburn on Bass & Vocals.

'Violet Town' had a very eclectic sound, inspired by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and the Wreckery. 'Violet Town' were featured on compelation albums on Chase Records, 'Melbourne Stuff' and later featured on compelation records by ID records Australia. The Killjoys up until 2001 were still a performing entity with the two core members Anna Burley and Craig Pilkington.

Luke Blackburn left 'Violet Town' to join Sydney based outfit 'The Crystal Set' with members, Russell Kilby on Guitar & Vocals, Phil Maher on Guitar & Vocals, Tim Seckhold on Drums,...

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