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The Lucksmiths

thumb|350px|"''The Lucksmiths"'': (left to right) ''Marty Donald, Tali White and Mark Monnone"''The Lucksmiths" are an independent pop band from Melbourne, Australia who formed in 1993 and have been associated with the genres of indie pop, anti-folk and retro-pop.

The members are Martin "Marty" Donald ''(Guitar)'', Taliesyn "Tali" White ''(Vocals, Drums)'', and Mark Monnone ''(Bass)'' and in 2004 they acquired Mid State Orange's guitarist Louis Richter on second guitar.

In the early 90's, they met Chris Crouch, who informally 'signed them' to his record label, Candle Records. Crouch consequently began releasing their records, and they began to play the Melbourne indie circuit, most notably the Punters Club and later expanded to other Australian venues such as Sydney's The Annandale Hotel or Brisbane's the Troubadour.

The Punters Club, however, clearly holds a special place in The Lucksmiths' history as seen in the song "Requiem to the Punters' Club", written after its conversion to the bar Bimbos.

The majority of songs are written by Marty Donald, although Tali and Mark also contribute songs. The band's most widely played song on radio, "T-Shirt Weather" ...

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