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The Subways

"The Subways" are a British indie pop band. Their debut album, ''Young For Eternity'', was released on 4 July, 2005 in the UK and February 14, 2006 in the US.

* Billy Lunn (guitars/vocals)

* Charlotte Cooper (bass/vocals)

* Josh Morgan (drums)

The band have an uncommon line-up, consisting of boyfriend and girlfriend (Billy Lunn and Charlotte Cooper), and also, despite the different surnames, two brothers (Billy Lunn and Josh Morgan). Singer/guitarist Billy Lunn and bassist Charlotte Cooper revealed news of their engagement to the crowd at a gig at the Camden Barfly on July 18 2005.


The Subways began at an early age, and currently have an average age of 21. The Subways began by playing Nirvana and punk songs in Billy and Josh's lounge, under the name of Mustardseed. They later changed their name to Platypus, and began to tour small, local venues, such as The Square in Harlow, Essex. An early CD of the band playing live was recorded at The Square which they sold at gigs.

As their reputation grew, Billy in particular became annoyed with all the different names the band were coming up with. He came up with The Subways, apparently from his days hanging ...

years active 2003–present
origin Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
music genre Indie Pop
current members Billy Lunn
Charlotte Cooper
Josh Morgan
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia