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The Tears

"The Tears" are a band formed in 2004 by ex-Suede bandmates Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler.

Many have wondered how two performers as volatile as Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson who had at one time nurtured such hatred for one another, were reunited after all this time. Anderson describes getting together with former bandmate Butler as such, "We went out for a drunken night. I'd called him and we went out for a curry and got drunk. Then the next day he came over with these tracks and that was that". Though Butler and Anderson had not spoken since the days of Suede, Anderson claimed getting back in gear with Butler was not difficult. The band decided on being named after a line from a Philip Larkin poem, "Femmes Damnées", which ends with the line: "The only sound heard is the sound of tears".

Anderson also had this to say about the renewed partnership with Bernard Butler: “For years and years after Bernard left Suede it was me running the show, but now the stakes are raised. I feel like we are duelling with each other, in some kind of friendly competition. When we were at our best it was always like that, each trying to better each other.”

years active 2004–present
country London, England
music genre Britpop
current members Makoto Sakamoto
Bernard Butler
Will Foster
Brett Anderson
Nathan Fisher
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia