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The Times

"''The Times"'' is a national newspaper published daily in the United Kingdom since 1785, and under its current name since 1788. For much of its history it has been regarded as Britain's newspaper of record and preserved in the British Library's newspaper library in that capacity.

''The Times'' is published by Times Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of News International, itself wholly owned by the News Corporation group, headed by Rupert Murdoch. It has played an influential role in politics and shaping public opinion about foreign events. Some claim that more recently it has reflected Murdoch's neo-conservative views. It has supported the Labour Party in the two last elections, and Murdoch has allied himself with Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, often meeting with him.

Outside the UK, ''The Times'' is sometimes referred to as "The London ''Times''", or "''The Times'' of London" in order to distinguish it from the many other "Times" papers such as ''The New York Times'' and ''The Times of India''. It is also the originator of the ubiquitous Times New Roman typeface, originally developed by Stanley Morison of ''The Times'' in collaboration with the Monotype Corporation. type Daily newspaper format Compact (newspaper) foundation 1785 owners News International political Centre, Centre-right headquarters Wapping,
London editor Robert William Thomson (journalist)website

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