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The Unlovables

The Unlovables are a New York, girl-fronted, pop punk band. The Unlovables consist of Hallie Bullit (lead vocals, bass), Frank (guitar), Mikey (drums), and Mat (guitar). The band is also known to also include additional vocalists. They have achieved a level of notoriety through their MySpace profile and through the Knock Knock Records pop punk message board. Their first full length LP is titled ''Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak''.

"Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak" Full Length

*1. I've Cried 4 U

*2. If You Were Here

*3. I Want A Boy

*4. Today's The Day (I Finally Kissed You)

*5. Doot Da Doot

*6. Vacation

*7. I Already Know

*8. Bein' In Love

*9. Counting Sheep

*10. It Sucks

*11. Feelin' All Emo (Since I Broke Up With You)

*12. Nonstop Thinking of You

*13. Inconsolable

"The Punk Rock Club" EP

*1. I’ve Cried 4 U

*2. Vacation

*3. Crazy About You

*4. The Mike Herrera Song

*5. The Way I’ve Treated You

*6. Punk Rock Club, R.I.P.


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