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They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants


"They Might Be Giants" (commonly abbreviated to "TMBG") is an American alternative rock duo consisting of John Linnell and John Flansburgh, collectively known as "the two Johns" or "John and John". Known for their experimental pop music, they have been popular on college campuses and earned a reputation for "intellectual rock" or "nerd rock." The band has maintained a loyal following over its 20+ years of existence, enough that fans rushed an online poll and landed John Linnell in the top ten results of People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" in 1998.

TMBG's most famous songs are probably one single from each of their first three albums, "Don't Let's Start" (from ''They Might Be Giants''), "Ana Ng" (from ''Lincoln''), and "Birdhouse in Your Soul" (from ''Flood''). Their appearance on the show ''Tiny Toon Adventures'' also gained recognition for their songs "Particle Man" and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)". They are also known for their version of the Bob Mould song "Dog on Fire" (the theme song to ''The Daily Show''), and "Boss of Me", the theme to the hit television comedy ''Malcolm in the Middle'', for which they won a Grammy Award. Two They Might Be Giants albums ...

years active 1982–present
origin Brooklyn, New York
country United States
music genre Alternative rock
College rock
Geek rock
Children's music
current members John Flansburgh
John Linnell
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia