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Thirteen Senses

"Thirteen Senses" is a band from Cornwall, UK. The group released the album ''The Invitation'' on 27 September 2004, along with several singles: "Thru The Glass", "Do No Wrong", "Into the Fire" and "The Salt Wound Routine", of which the first three have reached the UK Top 40. "Into the Fire" was featured in the season 2 preview trailer for the American comedy-drama television show ''Rescue Me'', as well as in the pilot episode of the medical comedy-drama television show ''Grey's Anatomy'' and the premiere of the third season of ''The 4400''.

* Will South (vocals/guitar/piano)

* Tom Welham (lead guitar/backing vocals)

* Adam Wilson (bass)

* Brendon James (drums)

Thirteen Senses started out as Soul Magician, which began in school when Will South started writing songs which he showed Adam Wilson. He in turn liked the songs and left the other band he was in at the time. Soul Magician really took off when South and Wilson met Tom Welham. The latter knew Brendon James and they all became friends.

Soul Magician released an EP by the name of ''Inside a Healing Mind'', which was produced by Leon Phillips. It consisted of four tracks, one of which was later r...

years active 2003–present
origin Cornwall, England
status Active
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Will South
Tom Welham
Adam Wilson
Brendon James
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia