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"Thornley" is a Canadian rock band.

The band was started by Ian Thornley when he returned to Toronto after the breakup of his earlier band, Big Wreck. With the help of Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Thornley signed on to Kroeger's 604 Records. The other band members of Thornley are Tavis Stanley on guitar, Eric Paul, formerly of Canadian band Big Sugar, on drums, and Cale Gontier, a former guitar technician for Three Days Grace, on bass.

The band's debut album, ''Come Again'', was produced by Gavin Brown, and released on Chad Kroeger's 604 Records in 2004. Thornley toured North America extensively after their debut album came out, and ''Come Again'' went gold in Canada, while also producing two #1 singles ("So Far So Good" and "Come Again").

The band initially comprised of two different members before Eric and Cale joined -- Ken Tizzard (formerly of The Watchmen) on bass, and Sekou Lumumba (formerly of Edwin & The Pressure, which was Edwin from I Mother Earth's new band) on drums. However, in October of 2005, due to unknown reasons, Ken and Sekou parted ways with Thornley and moved on to other personal projects. However, Thornley continued touring immediately, and di...

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