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"Thorns" is a Norwegian black metal band. They made two highly influential demos in the early 1990s, ''Grymyrk'' and ''Trøndertun'', but has only officially released one recording since it was founded in 1989. Thorns mastermind Blackthorn (Snorre W. Ruch) was convicted, along with Varg Vikernes of Burzum, as accomplice to the infamous murder of Euronymous in 1993.

Formed by Blackthorn (Snorre W. Ruch), Marius Vold and Faust (Bård G. Eithun) in 1989 under the moniker "Stigma Diabolicum". After the first demo was done, Stigma Diabolicum began dissolving, and after "Trøndertun" Snorre W. Ruch continued Thorns as a solo project, with help from several prominent personas in the black metal scene. The "release" of the now legendary demos/rehearsal tapes "Grymyrk" and "Trøndertun" in the early 1990s, had a great impact on the black metal scene, and Thorns is, by many, considered as one of the forefathers of modern black metal. Ruch's guitar work in particular was innovative. Taking thrash metal's tremolo picking style and using it on minor, classical style chords, Ruch practically originated the modern black metal riff, according to some of his peers. Such influence is obvi...

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