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Thought Riot

"Thought Riot" is a hardcore punk band from California's Central Valley. Signed to A-F Records in 2001. Released Shattered Mirror Syndrome in 2002 and Sketches of Undying Will in 2003.

The band origniated in Modesto, California, and also resides in Livermore, California. The band is comprised of intellectual young people, and pushes progressive politics.


Kelley Dangerously (Guitar, vocals)

Robby Goodson (Guitar, vocals)

Marc Riot (Lead Vocals)

Mike (Bass)


Paul (Drums)

1. With Love, the Underground

2. You're Gonna Die

3. Glenview

4. On New Tablets

5. Homeland Insecurities

6. The Hermit of Sils Maria

7. Cycle of the Streets

8. Hard Words

9. I Voted For Nader

10. A Song in Response To...

11. Ink Soaked Pages

12. Walking Stick For the Weak

1. Breaking Old Tablets

2. All For God, and a Gun For All

3. Save the Humans

4. Encomienda

5. Sign of the Times

6. American Deity

7. Patriot

8. Not Our Property

9. On Friends and Mistakes

10. Black Watch

11. Duality of the Revolutionary

12. Pillow Over the ...

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