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Through The Eyes Of The Dead

"Through the Eyes of the Dead" is a gore-flick inspired deathcore band from Florence, South Carolina. The band formed in 2003 after the break-up of a previous group, Tell Her I Said Goodbye. Their first full-length album was released in 2005 through Prosthetic Records. The band's influences include Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and At the Gates. Their name is taken from the Cannibal Corpse song ''Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead''. Their music mainly consists of fast drum patterns, pedaling guitar riffs, and mainly high-pitch screams. Their music gives an ''unmastered'' like sound, making it a raw and brutal flavor for the ears. They recently toured with As I Lay Dying,Gwar,The Chariot,Cannibal Corpse,In Flames,Trivium,The Black Dahlia Murder,Terror,and Behemoth on the Sounds of the Underground tour.

* Anthony Gunnells - Vocals

* Justin Longshore - Guitar

* Chris Anderson - Guitar

* Jake Ososkie - Bass (formerly of Arsis)

* Josh Kulick - Drums

* ''The Scars of Ages'' EP (Lovelost Records, 2004)

* ''Annihilation Of Expectation'' Split with The Knife Trade (Lovelost Records, 2005)

* ''Bloodlust'' (Prosthetic Records, 2005)

* According to guita...

status Active
country United States
music genre Deathcore
current members Anthony Gunnels
Justin Longshore
Chris Anderson
Jake Ososkie
Josh Kulick
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia