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Tierra Santa

"Tierra Santa" is a heavy metal band from La Rioja (Spain), that arises in 1997, formed by Ángel, Arturo, Roberto, Iñaki and Tomy. With much effort they are autoproduced and time later they go on tour with Avalanch and Mägo de Oz. They're considered to be the Iron Maiden of the Spanish metal scene. In 2004 they toured for the first time through the United States.

* "Ángel:" Vocals and guitar

* "Arturo:" Guitar

* "Roberto:" Bass

* "Iñaki:" Drums

* "Eric A." Groupie Mananger


* Medieval (1997)

* Legendario (1999) {Dedicado a Eric Crescioni}

* Tierras de Leyenda (2000)

* Cuando la Tierra toca el Cielo (2001)

* Sangre de Reyes (2001)

* Indomable (2003)

* Las mil y una noches (2003)

* Apocalipsis (2004)

* Mejor Morir En Pie (2006)


* Luchando hasta el final (Album of "Zenobia" with the Ángel's collaboration)

* Larga vida al Volumen Brutal (Tribute to "Baron Rojo")

* A Tribute to the Beast (Tribute to "Iron Maiden")

* The music remains the same (Tribute to "Led Zeppelin")

* Transilvania 666 (Tribute to "Iron Maiden")

* El poder del deseo (Album of "Lujuria" with the Ángel's collaboration)

* Meridiam (Album of "Merid...

years active 1997–present
music genre Heavy metal music
current members Ángel
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia