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Tiktak is a Finnish music group consisting of six girls from northern Helsinki, who met at a Helsinki music school. Their debut album, Friends, includes songs written by Maki Kolehmainen (of Aikakone) and was a huge hit in Finland, with unusually strong sales in the rest of Europe, especially Russia and Scandinavia. The bands music is a blend of rock and pop. Each of the girls play their own instruments with the exception of Petra who is the lead singer. The band has gained great domestic popularity.

==Band members=

  • Emppu (guitar, vocals)
  • Mimmu (bass, vocals)
  • Nea (keyboards)
  • Noora (guitar, vocals)
  • Petra (lead vocals)
  • Tuuli (drums, vocals)

== Albums =

  • Myrskyn edellä (2005)
  • Hei me soitetaan...oikeesti! (Mini-CD) (2004)
  • Ympyrää (2003)
  • Jotain muuta...ja jotain uutta! (2002)
  • Jotain muuta (2001)
  • Frendit / Friends (2000)
  • Frendit (1999)

== Singles =

5 popular songs