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"Tilt" was a punk rock band. They released three albums on Fat Wreck Chords which were preceded by a debut album on Lookout! Records. The band was known for melodic songs accompanied by lyrics filled with social commentary and dark humor. The band was also unusual among hardcore punk bands for having a female singer, Cinder Block.

* Cinder Block - Vocals

* Jeffery Bischoff - Guitar

* Jimi Cheetah - Bass

* Vincent Camacho - Drums


* ''Play Cell'' (1993)

* ''Til It Kills'' (1995)

* ''Collect 'Em All'' (1998)

* ''Viewers Like You'' (1999)

* ''Been Where? Did What?'' (2001)


* ''On My Mind'' (1992)

* ''Tribute To The Pogues'' (1996)

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origin Oakland, California
country United States
status Inactive
years active 1989–2001
music genre punk rock
current members * Cinder Block (artist)
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source: Wikipedia