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Tim Skold

"Tim Sköld" (born Thim Sköld on December 14, 1966, in Skövde, Sweden) is a well known multi-instrumentalist and currently the bassist and studio guitarist of Marilyn Manson.

During the 1980s Sköld went by the name "Tim Tim" and played bass guitar for Shotgun Messiah (originally Kingpin), in its earliest form the band had played in Sköld's home town in Sweden before moving to Los Angeles in the United States. By the time the 1990s hit Sköld had moved from bass to frontman after the band had members changes. It was during this time he began using the name "Tim Skold" instead of "Tim Tim". In Shotgun Messiah's last year together (1993) the Skold and bandmate Harry Cody recorded an Industrial rock album, a style Sköld would continue to play to this day.

After the disbanding of Shotgun Messiah, Sköld released the solo album ''Skold'' in 1996 and joined industrial band KMFDM the following year. During the KMFDM's temporary hiatus, he co-founded the short-lived MDFMK project with Sascha Konietzko in 2000, later participating in KMFDM's 2002 return. He also performed with ohGr and friend Taime Downe's band The Newlydeads.

In 2002, incomplete demo versions of se...

Background solo singer
Alias Skold
Born December 14, 1966
Origin Skövde, Sweden
Instruments Singing, Bass, Guitar, Programming, Synthesizers
Genre Industrial rock, Hard rock
Occupation(s) musician
Years active 1988–present
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source: Wikipedia