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Tom Baxter

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Tom Baxter is a singer-songwriter based in London, England. Born in Suffolk, he grew up in Cornwall, with both parents regulars on the folk music circuit. After moving to London at age 19 to attend music college, he spent many years on the gig circuit before a successful residency at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush brought him to the attention of record labels.

A self-titled EP was released in May 2004 containing the tracks Joanna, Half a Man and My Declaration. The latter song was to become the second single from his debut album Feather and Stone, following the single This Boy.

Feather and Stone was released by Sony International in October 2004 to critical acclaim, and was a regular feature on Radio 2's playlist. It was followed by a headlining UK tour. The most common comparisons made to other artists include Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake.


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