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Tom Verlaine

Tom Verlaine (born Thomas Miller, on 13 December, 1949, in Morristown, New Jersey) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist, probably best-known as a founder of Television.


Verlaine is often regarded as one of the most talented performers of the early punk rock era.

Tom Verlaine's poetic lyrics, and his accomplished guitar technique playing were highly influential and widely praised in the music media. He and Television bandmate Richard Lloyd are one of rock music's most acclaimed and inventive guitar duos.

Verlaine's stage name is a reference to poet Paul Verlaine.

== Solo Discography =


*Tom Verlaine (1979) *Dreamtime (1981) *Words from the Front (1982) *Cover (1984) *Flash Light (1987) *The Wonder (1990) *Warm and Cool (1992) (Reissed in 2005) *The Miller's Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anthology (1996) *Around (2006) *Songs and Other Things (2006)


*Always (1981) *Postcard from Waterloo (1982) *Let Go the Mansion (1984) *Five Miles of You (1984) *A Town Called Walker (1987)...

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Tom Verlaine

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