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Tomoyasu Hotei

"Tomoyasu Hotei" (布袋寅泰 ''Hotei Tomoyasu'', born on February 1, 1962 in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture) is a Japanese musician, guitarist and actor.

At 190cm, Tomoyasu Hotei is one of the most intimidating people in the Japanese music world. This image has also been put to good use when casting him as the villain in movies and TV commercials, most notably as the sinister man in black chasing Masatoshi Nagase in the Boss coffee ads. Over a long musical career as a guitarist with one of Japan's legendary rock bands, guest artist and solo performer, he has developed a worldwide reputation as Japan's premier axeman and has sold over 25 million albums. Possessing strong skills as both a guitarist and songwriter, he has played in various configurations and styles, but has always been at heart a rocker.

Hotei first stated playing the guitar in junior high school. In high school, his band ""Blue Film"" finished runners up in a school contest to ""Death Penalty"", a band led by Kyosuke Himuro. Hotei was expelled shortly before graduation. The reason was that, when warned about his long hair he replied ""Jesus had long hair!"" Shortly after, he went to Tokyo where one day h...

years active 1981–present
origin Takasaki, Gunma
music genre J-Rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia