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Tony Hatch

Tony Hatch

"Tony Hatch" (born 30 June, 1939 or 1940 in Pinner, Middlesex) is an English composer, songwriter, pianist, producer, and arranger.

He was born "Anthony Peter Hatch". Encouraged by his musical abilities, his mother — also a pianist — enrolled him in the London Choir School in Bexley, Kent when he was ten. Instead of continuing at the Royal Academy of Music, he left school in 1955 and found a job with Robert Mellin Music in London's Tin Pan Alley.

Before long, he was writing songs and making a name for himself within the recording industry. When National Service called him away from his chosen profession, he managed to become involved with the band of the Coldstream Guards. On his return he found a part-time job with Pye Records, where he assisted his new mentor, Alan Freeman, with the recording of "Sailor," a #1 hit for Petula Clark.

In 1959, Hatch began his own recording career with a cover version of Russ Conway's piano instrumental "Side Saddle". In 1960, Garry Mills' recording of Hatch's composition "Look For A Star," featured in the hit film ''Circus Of Horrors'', became a Top Ten hit in the UK. Four versions of the song charted simultaneously in the Unite...

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