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Tony MacAlpine

"Tony Jeff MacAlpine" (born August 29, 1960 in Springfield, Massachusetts) is an American virtuoso guitarist with a unique style blending elements of neo-classical and jazz fusion. He is best known as a solo guitarist although he has worked with many different bands and musicians like Planet X and Steve Vai. Besides being a guitarist, MacAlpine is also a classically trained, virtuoso pianist and plays all the keyboard parts on his own albums.

He plays guitars and keyboards in the band Steve Vai and The Breed (i.a. the Real Illusions Tour 2005) and is featured on the band´s Live at the Astoria London DVD as well as on the live G3 DVDs, Live in Denver and Live in Tokyo.


* ''Edge Of Insanity'' (1986)

* ''Maximum Security'' (1987)

* ''Eyes of the World'' (1990)

* ''Freedom To Fly'' (1992)

* ''Madness'' (1993)

* ''Premonition'' (1994)

* ''Evolution'' (1995)

* ''Violent Machine'' (1996)

* ''Live Insanity'' (1997)

* ''Master Of Paradise'' (1999)

* ''Chromaticity'' (2001)


*''Universe'' (2000)

*''Live From Oz'' (2002)

*''Moonbabies'' (2002)


*''CAB'' (2000)

*''CAB 2'' (2001)

*''CAB 4'' (2003)


*''Burning Live Tokyo'' ...

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