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"Tourettes" is a heavy metal band from Sydney, Australia founded in January, 2000. Their style has been described as "a mixture of hardcore, nu-metal and other elements to create an apoplectic and eclectic noise".

Live, the band combines performance with visual elements, which has earned them a loyal fanbase (dubbed as "SikFuks"). They have played at festivals such as Big Day Out and Wacken Open Air, as well as shows in the United States and Canada. The band provided backing vocals on the Strapping Young Lad album ''Alien''.

Tourettes (2001)

Detestimony (EP) 2003

Sick Sense (2006)

Michele Madden - vocals

Ross Empson - bass

Michael Quigley - drums

Ashley Manning - guitar

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* SikFuks 4 Life - Official FanClub

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