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:''This article is about the musical group. For the compositing software by Autodesk, see Toxik (software).

"Toxik" was a musical group formed in 1985 by Joshua Christian and Lee Erwin of Peekskill, New York. The band's style was primarily mid eighties metal in the vein of Metallica, Overkill and Anthrax. By the end of 1992 the band had broken up but not before reshaping what was to be termed "progressive thrash".

Bands like Watchtower, Fates Warning and King Diamond had all approached the point of actually becoming mainstream. Toxik was in that group and had an equal commercial potential or greater but before they had that chance the industry changed. Toxik, originally called Tokyo Line Up, consisted of:

*Josh Christian (guitar)

*Lee Erwin (bass)

*Sal Dadabo (drums)

*Michael Sanders (vocals)

Due to legal threats by another group with the name Tokyo, they changed over to Toxik in 1985. Shortly there after Lee Erwin left the group sighting personal reasons and was replaced by Brian Boninni who stayed with the band until they broke up. Tad Leger was a last minute replacement for Sal Dadabo who had been offered a touring deal with Twisted Sister.


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