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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

"Trans-Siberian Orchestra" (often abbreviated as "TSO") is a rock orchestra founded by Paul O'Neill, Robert Kinkel, and Jon Oliva in 1996.

right|thumbnail|200px|Cover of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's ''The Christmas Attic'' album

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was founded in 1996 in New York City by composers Paul O'Neill and Robert Kinkel, and Savatage lead singer Jon Oliva.

O'Neill had managed and produced rock bands including Aerosmith, Humble Pie and Scorpions, later writing for and producing Savatage, where he began working with Kinkel and Oliva. The concept for a band playing Christmas carols in a rock opera style was not received warmly by the industry, but quickly proved a success with adults as well as young people.

In the recording studio, Trans-Siberian Orchestra uses a full 60-piece orchestra and a choir. As of 2004, their touring band included 14 vocalists, 14 musicians, and 2 narrators.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra released their debut album ''Christmas Eve and Other Stories'' in 1996, and it remains their best-selling album. Their 1998 release ''The Christmas Attic'' was similarly a concept album with a Christmas theme. In 2000, they released their ...

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