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Trick Pony

Trick Pony is a country music trio consisting of guitarist Keith Burns, bassist Ira Dean, and singer/guitarist/harmonica player Heidi Newfield. Their singles include "Pour Me", "On a Night Like This" and "Just What I Need", all from their first album Trick Pony (2001). Their second album On a Mission (2002) features a single of the same name. Their third album R.I.D.E (standing for Rebellious Individuals Delivering Entertainment) was released on August 23 2005.

*Trick Pony (2001) *On a Mission (2002) *R.I.D.E. (2005)


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! width="86"| US Country |- | 2005 | "Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey on You" ! #52 | R.I.D.E. |}

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