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"Adrian Thaws" (born January 27, 1968), better known as "Tricky", is an English rapper and musician important in the trip hop and British music scene (despite loathing the "trip hop" tag). He is noted for a whispering lyrical style that is half-rapped, half-sung. As a producer and a musician, he is noted for a dark, rich and layered sound. Culturally, Tricky bridges white and black Britain, particularly in his fusion of rock and hip hop, high art and pop culture.

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Born in Knowle West, Bristol, England, as of 2006 Tricky is based in West Hollywood, California.


Tricky was a member of the influential 1980s Bristol sound system The Wild Bunch and contributed to the first two Massive Attack albums. As a member of the Wild Bunch he used the moniker "Tricky Kid," but this was shortened to simply "Tricky" as a member of Massive Attack.


He left Massive Attack to release his debut album, ''Maxinquaye'' (named after his late mother "Maxine Quaye", allegedly reggae/soul singer Finley Quaye's half-sister). The...

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