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Trip Shakespeare

"Trip Shakespeare" was an alternative rock band formed at Harvard University by Matt Wilson (guitar/vocals) and Elaine Harris (drums) in the early 1980s. After a year of performing as a duo, Wilson convinced Harris to relocate to Minneapolis, Wilson's hometown, where they joined up with bass player John Munson, a Chinese language major at the University of Minnesota. Shortly after releasing their first album, ''Applehead Man'', in 1986, the band's roster expanded to include Dan Wilson, Matt's older brother who would eventually go on to form Semisonic alongside Munson.


*''Applehead Man'' 1986

*''Are You Shakespearienced?'' 1989

*''Across the Universe'' 1990

*''Lulu'' 1991

*''Volt'' 1994

* Minnesota Music Encyclopedia entry on Trip Shakespeare

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