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Tripping Daisy

"Tripping Daisy" was a rock band from Dallas, Texas. Their sound is often described as Beatlesque grunge. The quartet formed and began touring around the area in 1991. They began recording soon after and a local radio station began giving their song "Lost and Found" some air time. Dragon Street Records released Tripping Daisy's debut album ''Bill'', a straight-ahead grunge-pop album except being characterized by overly processed vocals a la neo-psychedelia and a few very interesting transitions. All subsequent albums were released by Island Records; the album ''Bill'' was also re-released by Island. ''I Am an Elastic Firecracker'' lightened up on the vocal processors except when needed for effect. The arrangements were taken to a much more advanced level on this album, but fade in comparison to the improvements on their magnum opus ''Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb''. Tim DeLaughter really found his niche as a vocalist and a songwriter on this album. Though minimalistic in some respects, the album is charactarized by an interesting fragmentary songwriting style, where a song can go from one vignette to a completely different other, and still achieve a seamless quality. The p...
years active 1991-1999
origin Dallas, Texas
country United States
music genre Indie rock
current members Tim DeLaughter
Wes Berggren
Phil Karnats
Ben Curtis
Mark Pirro
past members Jeff Bouck
Bryan Wakeland
Mitch Marine
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia