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Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt

"James Travis Tritt" (born February 9, 1963) is a successful American country music singer. He now resides in Hiram, Georgia off of Travis Tritt Highway.

Tritt was born in Marietta, Georgia to James and Gwen Tritt. At age 3, he received his first guitar from his father. By 22, he had been through two divorces and had committed himself entirely to his music career. Today, he and wife Theresa have three children: Tyler Reese (born February 18, 1998), Tristan James (born June 16, 1999) and Terian Nathaniel (born November 20, 2003).

Travis Tritt started writing songs while he was in high school, the first song he wrote was called ''"Spend A Little Time"'', written about his girlfriend at the time who broke up with him. All throughout his childhood, Tritt was obsessed with music; spending hours at a time in his bedroom with a guitar he learned to play by himself, learning any music he could get his hands on.

His breakthrough came with his first album, ''Country Club'', from which three singles were released, as well as his first No. 1 hit with ''"Help Me Hold On"''. His second album, ''It's All About To Change'', produced two top 3 hits including: ''"Anymore"''...

years active 1989–present
country Georgia (U.S. state)
music genre Country Rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia