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Trust was a famous hard rock band seen by many in its early years as the French AC/DC.

== Band history =

Trust was founded in 1977 by:

  • Bernard "Bernie" Bonvoisin (vocals, lyricist)
  • Norbert "Nono" Krief (guitar, composer)
  • Raymond "Ray" Manna (bass guitar)
  • Jean-Émile "Jeannot" Hanela (drums)

The band released its first single Prends Pas Ton Flingue ("Don't Take Your Gun With You") in the same year. This record was later re-released when the band made its first and ephemeral come back in 1992.

Image:Trustrepression.jpg|Repression 1979 (USA / UK version) Image:Trustsavage.jpg|Savage 1982 (featuring Nicko McBrain?) Image:Trustideal.jpg|Trust IV 1983 (featuring Clive Burr) Image:Trustbackside.jpg|The Backsides 1985/93 (featuring Clive Burr)

Trust rose to fame in 1979 and 1980 with a music mixing hard rock influences with an acerbic social and political commentary with anarchist and anti-Soviet undertones, ...

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