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Twarres is a folk/pop band from the Netherlands who perform songs in both English and their native Frisian Language. Their songs are primarily lush, harmonic vocal pop with a focus on acoustic instrumentation such as pianos and violins. At the end of 2003 Twarres gave their last concert. In 2006, Mirjam Timmer, singer and guitarist of Twarres, started a solo career under the name "Mir". Her new album will be relased in the second half of 2006.

Main Band Members: *Johan van der Veen (born August 15, 1981) - vocals *Mirjam Timmer (born July 1, 1982) - vocals and guitar

Other Band Members: *Gregor Hamilton - Keyboard *Peter Krako - Guitar *Serge Bredewold - Bass *Sietse Huisman - Drums *Yfke de jong - Violin

*Stream (released: June 25th 2001) *CD² (released: October 28th 2002)

*Twarres' official website *Twarres Lyrics *...

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