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Tweak is a South African Pop-Punk band that hails from Johannesburg. The line up consists of brothers Garth (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Bugsy (drums), Chris (bass) and Mike (guitar). Their first album, The Romantic Lure Of Possum Worship, was also their breaking album in the South African scene. It spawned such hits as "Birthday Card" and "Buy The World". In 2003, Tweak released their second album Dirty Sanchez and The Misfit Kids, which contained hits such as "House Party" and "Sweet Memories". In an effort to stray from their early-blink-182, humorous pop-punk style, Tweak released The Lost Boys Club, a 'mature' EP, which spawned the hit "Let Go". In 2005, Tweak released a greatest hits album.

They have now changed their name to Crash Car Burn.

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