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Two Gallants

"Two Gallants" are an independent rock band from San Francisco, California. The name comes from the title of a story by James Joyce in ''Dubliners''.

Two Gallants are made up of Adam Stephens (b. 1982) on guitar, harmonica and vocal and Tyson Vogel (b. 1982) on drums and vocal.

Stephens and Vogel started gigging around San Francisco as Two Gallants in 2002, when both were twenty; the two had been making music together since the age of twelve. Early the following year, without an agent or website, they booked shows at various clubs, house parties and warehouses with the help of friends and the internet. Touring in 4 to 6 week spurts, the band sold t-shirts and 2 homemade recordings to survive. After recording their debut, ''The Throes'', for Alive Records, they found a proper booking agent and have been on the road ever since. In July of 2005, the band signed with Saddle Creek records.

As with The White Stripes, Two Gallants feature a duo of guitar and drums, and their music is rooted in the blues. However, Two Gallants are more influenced by the delta blues and folk music rather than the White Stripes' electric blues, which is based on the music comin...

years active 2002–present
origin San Fransisco, California
country United States
music genre Indie rock
current members Adam Stephens
Tyson Vogel
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia