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Two Nice Girls

Self-styled "lesbian country-rock" band featuring singer-songwriter Gretchen Phillips.

Personnel: Original line up (1986-1989) was Gretchen Phillips, guitar, bass, mandolin and vocals; Kathy Korniloff, guitar, bass, violin, percussion, vocals; and Laurie Freelove, guitar, bass, percussion & vocals. Members each wrote songs and took turns on different instruments. Freelove left following completion of the band's first album (1989), replaced by Meg Hentges on guitar & bass. Drummer Pam Barger was added to the band just prior to Freelove's departure. Two Nice Girls won a GLAAD Media Award in 1991. The group broke up in 1992.

*2 Nice Girls (1989). Includes: "I Spent My Last $10.00 (on Birth Control & Beer), the Velvet Underground-meets-Joan Armatrading folky mash up "Sweet Jane (With Affection)", and Jane Siberry's "Follow Me."

*Like A Version (1990). An EP of cover tunes, including "Speed Racer," "Cotton Crown" (Sonic Youth), "I Feel (Like Makin') Love" (Bad Company); and "Top of the World" (The Carpenters).

*Chloe Liked Olivia (1991). Features songs by all f...

years active 1989 – 1992
status Dissolved
country USA
music genre Country rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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