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U.P.O. is an aggressive rock band from Los Angelos, California, consisting of Shawn Albro (vocalist), Chris Weber (guitarist), Ben Shirley (bassist), and Tommy Holt (drummer).

Influenced heavily by bands such as The Cult, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the four members of UPO have brought with them a new style to the hard rock genre of music.

Albro and Weber both lived in Los Angelos, but first met at England's Reading Festival in the mid-'90s. After a few years time, together they finished a demo that garnered major label attention. The pair needed a rhythm section to compliment their work, and after some searching, they picked up Shirley, a friend of Albro's, and later on discovered Holt through newspaper ads.

U.P.O. signed to the Epic label in mid-2000 and released their debut album, ''No Pleasantries'', later on that year.

Their second album, ''The Heavy'', was released four years later.

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years active 1998–present
country USA
music genre Rock and roll
current members Shawn Albro
Chris Weber
Ben Shirley
Tommy Holt
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia