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Ugly Casanova

"Ugly Casanova" is an American Indie rock band carried on Sub Pop Records. At present, the band has only released one album: ''Sharpen Your Teeth''.

According to band mythos, in 1998 a man named Edgar Graham, a.k.a. "Ugly Casanova", impressed himself upon the band Modest Mouse while backstage at a concert in Denver, Colorado. After some prodding, he shared his work with the band, and began performing it early before shows while some people were milling around. Whenever he completed these performances, he retreated quickly with a look of anger and shame. After a time, a few small recordings were created, after which Edgar vanished completely.

Isaac Brock has since revealed that Edgar Graham was a "a fiction thing that Brock started a while back to eliminate himself from the band," to escape having to do interviews. One bit of evidence that had previously suggested that story was false: Modest Mouse's 1996 EP ''The Fruit That Ate Itself'' was credited to having been under the production company Ugly Casanova, which suggested it was a name Brock made up to retain creative control and publishing rights to his music while under a major label. The band lineup now consists of Isaac...

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