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Uncle Tupelo

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"Uncle Tupelo" was a popular music group formed in 1987 in Belleville, Illinois. The founding members were Jay Farrar (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Mike Heidorn (drums), and Jeff Tweedy (bass guitar, guitar, harmonica, vocals). Other members included Ken Coomer (drums), Max Johnston, (banjo, dobro, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar), and John Stirratt (bass guitar). Initially Farrar was the group's creative force, and consequently did most of the singing as well, but towards the end of their run, Tweedy became more or less Farrar's equal when it came to songwriting and singing duties. The band broke up in May 1994, when Farrar left unexpectedly. Tweedy formed the band Wilco, while Farrar formed the band Son Volt. Wilco now eschews the Alt-country label, while Son Volt remains its champion.

The group released four full-length albums during their four year recording career. ''No Depression'' (1990), ''Still Feel Gone'' (1991), and ''March 16-20, 1992'' (1992) were originally released on the (now defunct) independent record label Rockville Records (a sister label of Homestead Records. Their major label debut, ''An...

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