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"The Undertones" are a Northern Irish rock band formed in Derry in 1975. The original band consisted of:

*Feargal Sharkey (lead vocals) (1975-1983),

*John O'Neill (guitar),

*Damian O'Neill (guitar, keyboards and vocals),

*Michael Bradley (bass and vocals), and

*Billy Doherty (drums).

Sharkey's power pop tenor was distinctive, and the band regarded a tight ensemble. By 1977 they were performing their own three-chord pop punk material influenced by Nuggets-type material and the Ramones, and in 1978 released their debut four-song EP ''Teenage Kicks'' on Good Vibrations. It became a hit with support from DJ John Peel, who considered that EP's title song his all-time favourite. The original release came housed in a flimsy paper poster style sleeve, in white, mustard yellow, pink or green. The first pressing has the song titles printed upside down when the poster is opened, later copies correct this but omit 'Undertones' from the poster. Some labels credit The Undertones and some just Undertones. Allegedly, 7000 copies were pressed.The song has been covered by many including boyband Busted (at the 2003 Brit Awards) and French band Nouvelle Vague.

They origin...

origin Derry, Northern Ireland
status Occasionally active
years active 1975–1983, 1998-present
music genre Punk Rock
current members Paul McLoone
John O'Neill (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia