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After the dissolution of stoner rock pioneers Kyuss, and a short adventure in Slo Burn, John Garcia (vocals) comes back with "Unida" also featuring Arthur Seay (guitar), Dave Dinsmore (bass) and Mike Cancino (drums). Dinsmore was eventually replaced by Scott Reeder.

In 1999, "Unida" appeared on a split CD release with Swedish band Dozer. The "Unida" portion was titled ''The Best of Wayne-Gro EP''. Later that year, they released their debut full length album entitled ''Coping with the Urban Coyote'' on the now defunct Man's Ruin Records.

The relations with their next record company, American Records, ended with legal problems. What was to be their second album scheduled for release in 2001, has yet to be released.

Since then, John Garcia released two albums with band Hermano. and in 2004, "Unida" appeared on the High Times Records' ''High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection'' contributing the track ''Left Us To Mold''.

*''Unida/Dozer'' (Split EP, 1999)

*''Rise 13: Magick Rock, Vol. 1'' with the song ''Black Woman'' (1999)

*''Coping With The Urban Coyote'' (1999)

*''High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection'' with the song ''Left Us To Mold'' (2

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music genre Heavy metal music
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