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"Unloco" was a four-piece nu metal music group from Texas in the United States. The band was formed in 2000 by frontman Joey Duenas.

The band's first album titled ''Healing'' (2001) struggled to sell, and the band received little support from their label Maverick Records.

Guitarist Brian Arthur soon after left the band to join Ska-Punk band Goldfinger (replacing Goldfinger guitarist Charlie Paulson), and was subsequently replaced by Marc Serrano.

Ultimately, Maverick gave the band a second chance and they recorded their sophomore effort titled ''Becoming i'' (2003). The album was produced by Andrew Murdock, responsible for Powerman 5000, Godsmack and Chimaira, among other artists. This time, Maverick supported the band and got them on tour with household names such as Korn and Disturbed. They also appeared at the Ozzfest Tour in 2003. Even with a more focused sound and better production, Becoming i failed to meet expectations, and the band split up that same year.

Since then, guitarist Marc Serrano joined the now departed metalcore group A Dozen Furies, drummer Pete Navarrete formed a band called '"Exit the Sun" and vocalist Joey Duenas formed a band called "A N...

years active 2000 – 2003
origin Texas
country United States
music genre Nu Metal
current members Joey Duenas
Marc Serrano
Victor Escareno
Peter Navarrete
past members Brian Arthur
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia