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:''For the Dario Argento horror film, see Tenebrae (film).

"Unsane" is a New York City noise rock trio, formed in 1988. According to Matador Records (Unsane's former label), the band was supposed to have their debut album recorded by Circuit Records, under the name of ''Improvised Munitions'', but Ernie Triccaro, the owner of Circuit Records, never put the album out and still owes the band some money. The band's first album to reach stores, titled ''Unsane for Tennis'', was released three years later but quickly recalled due to the extreme cover art. It was re-released as a self-titled album shortly thereafter.

Unsane recorded their first Peel Session on May 21, 1991.

(Tracks: Organ Donor, Bath, Street Sweeper, Jungle Music, Exeter)

Unsane recorded their second Peel Session on November 26, 1991.

(Tracks: Broke, Body Bomb, Hll, Black Book (Vol II))

Their second album, ''Total Destruction'', was released on January 18, 1994

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