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"The Unseen" is a punk rock band that was formed in 1994 in Hingham, Massachusetts. Originally their lead singer was the star hockey player of their Hingham High School team, Marc Carlson. After he left the band they played as a four piece (see members). The Unseen originally started to perform under the name, 'The Extinct'.

The street punk quintet released their best-of compilation ''Totally Unseen: The Best Of The Unseen'' (Step One Records England) — which contains two previously unreleased tracks in June 2000. In the fall of 2004 The Unseen signed with HellCat Records. Mark Unseen, the lead singer, formed and currently runs ADD Records. He also joined the punk band A Global Threat as second lead singer, and recorded the full length "What the Fuck Will Change?" but later left to concentrate his efforts on The Unseen. For the release of their 2001 Album ''The Anger And the Truth'' "Chainsaw" re-accompanied the band in the studio to recorded the song ''No Evacuation'' (due to the fact that he was the original writer of the song). There has been much controversy concerning the band, and perceptions that they have "sold out." Many use the bands relationship with Benji of Good...

years active 1994 – Present
origin Hingham, Massachusetts
country United States
music genre Punk rock
street punk
current members Mark Unseen - Drums, Vocals (1994-2003) Lead Vocals (2003-Present)
Tripp Unseen - Bass, Vocals (1994-Present)
Scott Unseen - Lead Guitar, Vocals (1994-Present)
Pat Melzard - Drums (2002-present)
Jonny - Rhythm Guitar (2006-present)
past members Paul Russo - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Bass (1995-2003)
Brian "Chainsaw" Reily - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals (1997-1999)
Marc Carlson - Vocals (1994-1995)
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