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The word "''untitled"'' refers to something that, as the name would suggest, has no title. Documents, works of art, musical works, and other works can be untitled. Generally, an untitled work is the result of a conscious choice by the artist or creator not to apply a title. However, many computer programs will use ''untitled'' as a default title for documents, images, or other files.

Some works, paradoxically, have a title of ''Untitled'', including albums or songs by the following musicians and groups:

*Annette Buckley

*Apoptygma Berzerk

*The Benjamin Gate

*Better Than Ezra

*blink-182 -''blink-182''

*blink-182 (also had a song called untitled)


*The Byrds - ''(Untitled)''

*Crash Test Dummies

*Galactic Cowboys

*Interpol, from their 2002 album ''Turn on the Bright Lights''

*John Frusciante (his first solo album Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt contains 13 untitled songs)

*Keane (Untitled 1)

*Keane (Untitled 2)

*Led Zeppelin (''Led Zeppelin IV'' was a popular name for their ''Untitled'' album)

*Leslie Cheung


*P.A.L, split album with Ah-Cama Sotz, ''Untitled''.

*The Rembrandts

*Sigur Rós (an album entitled ''( )'...

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