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Urban Dance Squad

"Urban Dance Squad" was a Dutch band, celebrated as being one of the most innovative and important music groups to come from The Netherlands. Their music was a blend of genres such as heavy rock, funk, soul and rap, but also reggae and ska, which were not commonly mixed at the time. They were one of the first mainstream acts to incorporate a turntablist in a live line-up. They are therefore considered as pioneers of one of the best known fusion trends of the early 1990's, sometimes referred to as rapcore.

In the U.S., the band is still associated with their hit "Deeper Shade of Soul", which topped at the 21st spot on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1991. In their native Europe, however, they have enjoyed popularity throughout their career, and most listeners at the time discovered them through their popular single "Demagogue" (1994).

The band was founded in Utrecht in 1987 and published their debut album Mental Floss for the Globe in 1989. They toured worldwide before releasing Life 'n Perspectives of a genuine Crossover in 1991, in the same vein but showing more maturity.

In 1993 DJ DNA left the band during their tour. Without a DJ, the band started focusing on rock wi...

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