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"Urbain Servranckx" (July 17, 1949, Schepdaal, Belgium), also known as "Urbain" and "Urbanus van Anus", is a Belgian comedian, actor, singer and comic book 'hero'.

He has produced several comedy shows in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as several gold records.

In 1984, Urbanus and Willy Linthout began writing comic books with Urbanus himself as the main character. As of 2005 more than a hundred such comic books have been published.

His first movie 'Hector' (directed by Stijn Coninx) won the 1988 international comedy film festival in Chamrousse, France. He also was named best actor by Radio France and Dauphiné Libéré.

Urbanus produced and appeared in several movies:

*''Hector'' (1988)

*''Koko Flanel'' (1990)

*''Les Sept péchés capitaux'' (1992)

*''De Zevende Hemel'' (1993)

*''Max'' (1994)

*''Suske en Wiske: De duistere diamant'' (2004)

*''Der clumpfrondische Fräulein'' (2004)

*''March of the Penguins'' (2005) - commentary for the Dutch version

* Official web site

* Web site made by a supporter

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