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Utada Hikaru

, also known by her fan-nickname of "Hikki", is an American-born Japanese pop musician.

She is currently one of the most popular and successful Japanese musicians today, having sold over 33 million albums worldwide to date. Because of her fluent bilingual skills in English and Japanese, Utada became an unprecedented icon in Japan after her debut, ''First Love'', shattered records in 1999.

In 2003, HMV Japan announced Utada Hikaru to be the No.24 Japanese pop artist in its survey of "Top 100 Japanese pops Artists" all-time.

Utada Hikaru was born in New York City, New York to Japanese parents, who both had roots in the Japanese music industry: her father, Teruzane Utada, was a producer, while her mother, Junko Utada, was an enka singer (she performed under the stage name "Keiko Fuji"). "Hikaru" literally translated means "light" in English. She made her first professional recording at the age of twelve, and recorded her first album, ''Precious'', in 1996 under the pseudonym Cubic U. The album led to her career overseas. In an MTV interview (MTV's ''You Hear It First'', October 2004), Utada said: "Someone in Japan heard it, at a Japanese record company, and he said,...

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