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Vanilla Ninja

"Vanilla Ninja" are a three-piece Estonian girl band which has enjoyed chart success in a number of countries across Europe, especially in Germany and Austria.

The group was formed in 2002 and released their self-titled debut album ''Vanilla Ninja'', containing songs in both English and Estonian, the following year. Since their debut single "Club Kung Fu" was released in 2003, the girls have had many hits in Central Europe, including "Tough Enough", "When the Indians Cry", "Blue Tattoo" and "I Know". They have also entered national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest twice, failing the first time but proving successful in Switzerland with the song "Cool Vibes". The group then finished 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 final, despite topping the leader board at the half-way stage. Vanilla Ninja are very popular in their native Estonia and have had a brand of both ice cream and kohuke named after them, marketed exclusively in their homeland due to their celebrity status in Estonia.

The group have so far released four albums in various countries across Europe; ''Vanilla Ninja'' was released in 2003, ''Traces of Sadness'' in 2004, and ''Blue Tattoo'' and ''Best ...

years active 2002-present
music genre Pop rock
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source: Wikipedia