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The Vanity Project

"The Vanity Project" is a side project for Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies. It is also the name of the first (and presently only) album released under the project.

Steven Page began collaborating with songwriter Stephen Duffy in the early 90's, and their first co-written tracks appeared on the Barenaked Ladies' second release, Maybe You Should Drive. The two co-wrote a number of songs over the years, including several on each of the band's next two albums. On their fifth album, Maroon Only one Duffy co-write was included (at least one other was cut). Starting with the following album, the band decided that it would be best to keep the writing duties amongst the band members. Page started the Vanity Project to allow himself to write with other writers outside of Barenaked Ladies, as well as to express some writing ideas that did not work within the band.

The only album produced to date is self-titled and features songs written mostly with long-time collaborator Stephen Duffy (one track - "So. Cal" - was written solo). Some of the songs are older holdovers ("That's All, That's All" was a song cut from ''Maroon''). Other songs were written later for the project.


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